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Peng Li     Managing Director


We help clients:

✮ encrypt email communications, protecting personal and business data;
✮ secure network and computer systems, keeping information secure;
✮ run own systems for email, web, file, phone, media, surveillance and cloud;
✮ use GNU/Linux and libre programs, worrying less of viruses and being hacked;
✮ stop paying Micro$oft tax and put Windoze back in the box.


Our team at F2F10 is comprised of experienced professionals with strengths in business, communications, and technology. Each member has industry experience in servicing the needs of the Telecom, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Services sectors. F2F10’s passion for excellence is exhibited by our leadership team and their commitment to success.

We specialize in securing information technology. F2F10 provides leading libre software- and hardware-based solutions and products to ensure that our customers communicate and compute with the utmost privacy and security.